Rally Training

At ISA we teach high speed vehicle dynamic skills for real world scenarios. Rally training is the recognized platform to teach these skills and forms the core from which we build upon.

Our RallyPro High Performance Driving School is specifically tailored to teach students the dynamics of multi-surface traction control, weight transfer, energy storage, threshold braking, and vehicle preservation. Our 20 miles of configurable Rally Stages surround a 1.6 miles road course. This unique setup allows us to make use of all surfaces in the same training cycle, transitioning from loose surface to paved roadway and back to hard pack surface. We teach reality-based training that replicates the types of environments that exist in the world where our students work.

All of our rally stages and road courses can be run with any vehicle platform the training missions dictates, front or all wheel drive rally cars, SUVs, up armored Land Cruisers, low profile sedans, or ATVs and UTVs. Our strength lies in the versatility of our facility and in our years of experience training SOF units and private security professionals in the skill sets that cultivate mission success.