ISA provides advanced PSD Motorcade training ranging from low threat executive protection protocols to high threat PSD packages using up armored vehicles. Our instructors have years of hands on practical experience conducting PSD missions in high threat theaters from Baghdad, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Israel.

Training begins with the basics of vehicle dynamics on paved and unpaved roadways. We teach advanced traction control, the dynamics of weight transfer in both armored and unarmored vehicles, threshold braking, accident avoidance, threat recognition, actions on contact and getting off the X. Advanced training includes counter ambush techniques, PIT and PIN maneuvers and using the vehicle as cover. Our training focuses on making maximum use of the vehicle as both a tool and as a weapon to protect the principal and complete the mission.

Our fleet contains multiple vehicle platforms for training that mimics your mission profile, from low profile sedans to multiple up armored SUV packages. ISA’s PSD instruction includes the most current IED detection and avoidance training delivered by instructors who have real world experience.