At the ISA Campus we have over 400 acres of terrain to instruct tactical off road techniques for beginners to advanced drivers. Our Off-Road driving courses includes dirt, water, sand, mud, gravel, rubble and more. Located throughout our campus, our off-road vehicle training opportunities are designed to teach you skills required to navigate a wide variety of off-road conditions. Our courses include a variety of driving conditions and vehicle recovery opportunities such as vehicle winching and vehicle self recovery with and without a winch.

Our off-road courses are inter-connectable to our firearms ranges, rally driving stages and our paved road courses. This allows us to create versatile training courses that include high speed pavement driving transitioning off-road to loose gravel surfaces and into low speed tank traps and hill climbs, all with the same vehicle and all while taking fire using our simunition based weapon systems. All of our training courses here at ISA focus on real world scenarios to prepare students for mission success.

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