The International Security Academy (ISA) has trained our nation’s elite Special Operations Forces from all branches of military service, government agencies and private security firms. ISA staff have decades of experience in presenting a broad array of specialized training in rally driving, ATV riding, SUV and off-road vehicle dynamics along with extensive experience in firearms and combatives training.

The International Security Academy utilizes the state-of-the-art facilities at The Florida International Rally and Motorsports park (The FIRM) and The Keystone Heights Airpark, a certified Static and Free Fall Drop Zone, for its unique training and driving experience curriculum.

ISA provides high-performance instruction with unique driving experiences on The FIRM’s more than 20 miles of multi-surface track, trail and road courses. Our facility is the only of its kind that includes true European-style rally stages and custom designed training can incorporate driving or riding on pavement, dirt, sand and gravel.

By combining the extensive military, security and driving experience of the International Security Academy with the extensive facilities at The FIRM, ISA is uniquely positioned to provide the multidisciplinary training and field experience that is essential to prepare teams for duty in the most difficult and challenging situations. Training is offered in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles with low and high centers of gravity as well as utilizing ATVs and UTVs (side by sides) and dynamic shooting and combative packages.

ISA has past-performance experience training U.S. Military SOCOM units in all of these offerings and we will provide customized turn-key training packages based on client objectives. We can provide use of our facility for Full Mission Profile exercises including, but not limited to, food, vehicle and weapon caches with multiple waypoints, a configurable urban village (CUV) and firing ranges.

What makes ISA so unique is our ability to provide training on a multitude of surfaces and in a variety of environments. Not only does our facility provide tarmac, gravel, sand, dirt, its densely forested areas, water crossings, difficult winching challenges and other obstacles provide for our ability to offer performance driving packages unmatched by any facility in North America. Plus, this allows ISA to adapt the facility in a variety of configurations for tactical field training exercises and thus enhancing the Warfighter’s tactical toolbox.

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